What the fuck is BEEPLE STUDIO?!?!?

it’s a 50,000 sq. foot studio in Charleston, SC where beeple (aka Mike Winkelmann) makes his artwork. it also features a 13,000 sq. foot gallery and 13,000 sq. foot experiential space

What types of events will you be having???

we want to showcase the very best art and communities and will be having events that help to educate and entertain around web3 and digital art.

can i show my artwork at an event at your studio??

MAYBE!!! lol. this space is very much designed to be utilized by the community. we wanted to build a space where we could program multiple different types of artists showcases and experimental community events.

can i partner with the studio to host an event?

ALSO MAYBE!!!!! we are looking to partner with the most cutting edge artists and communities to put on events that are not possible at any other venue. we want to educate and entertain through the power of digital art and technology. if you have an idea for an event, reach out!!

is the studio open to the public?

The Community Nights listed on our Event page are open to public to allow anyone to visit the Studio.

what is the address of the studio?


Is there an age limit to attend the events?

You must be 21 years or older to attend an event

Am I allowed to bring a bag/backpack/purse to the event?

All backpacks, bags, or purses must be 18 inches or smaller.

Can I bring a camera and take pictures?

Absolutely!!! Camera bags must comply with our bag policy of smaller than 18 inches.

HOLY SHIT that’s not my question!!!

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