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wooo!!!!! OK! So we are calling on all artists to help us put together digital art exhibitions for BEEPLE Studios..

Rather than a typical NFT gallery show where each person shows one single artwork on a tiny TV, we wanted to give each artist the opportunity to completely take over the entire space and fill it with their artwork!!!

Allowing viewers to experience digital artwork like this on a massive visceral scale is really important for showing people that this is just another medium with the ability to affect real emotions and discussion beyond just speculation.

We are looking for 1 minute of video from each artist for all screens in the experiential space (in the end this is 6 separate video files for the different walls, columns). All of these videos will play at the same time so you can create compositions between the walls.

In the end we will compile all of these submissions to be shown at the Beeple Studios alongside invited artists like XCOPY, Refik Anadol, Blake Kathryn, Fvckrender, and many other legendary artists so you will be in great company!

In terms of what is shown, this is really up to you!! We are looking for the freshest, most cutting edge art so don’t hold back!! Also please note this does not need to be new content and you can show as many or as few things in that minute as you like. Showing existing art is a great way to help educate collectors about your overall body of work, we only request no client work please. No audio needed either.

You will be notified if your work is selected for an event. If selected you will be given free tickets to the event, we’d love to have you!! 🙂

Please use the AE Template below for all rendering of final deliverables, and ensure the file naming and render settings match the specifications outlined on this page. If files are delivered out of spec, the content will not be able to be displayed in the show.

Once files are ready for delivery, content can be uploaded to the portal embedded in the File Delivery section.

Submitting content does not guarantee an invite.




Frame Rate

1 minute

No sound needed. Venue will provide audio during artist’s showcase.

Color Profile & Bit Depth
8-bit rec709, gamma 2.4, d65 white point.

The included After Effects template is pre-configured for this working profile.

HAP in a QuickTime (.mov) Container



File Name Template:

deliveryTemplate: the video surface the file is intended for (‘CL01’, ‘BW’, etc.)
artistName: the name of the submitting artist or studio
description: short description of the file (example: ‘background1’ or ‘loopA’)
vXX: version number. All files must have a version number. Each subsequent file delivery should uptick the version number.


The Dropbox file linked below contains an After Effects template for placing and rendering content in the screen rasters.

Please use the comps in the “02_DESIGN COMPS” bin to place content, and these will feed into the comps in the “01_RENDER COMPS” bin. Only the comps in bin folders marked “RENDER FINAL DELIVERABLES FROM HERE” should be used for final rendering of deliverables.

Beeple Studios AE Template v04


Tech Support

File delivery

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